Social Impact Model of Real Estate

Christine explains her “Social Impact Model of Real Estate”.

My time in social policy in overseas aid and refugee/humanitarian sectors solidified my core way of life. I have had the benefit of having amazing mentors in my various careers and in the last decade in real estate. In this last decade, I have seen a level of wealth in our community I never anticipated.

After the great honour of being appointed on the Deputy Chief Minister’s Consultative Group for Affordable Housing and Homelessness, and being part of the Housing Summit in October 2017, the wheels started moving.

We all know there are enough real estate agencies in the Canberra region, so I initially never thought of opening my own office. (I thought a job in the Integrity Commission would be fascinating.)  I had an idea of incorporating the ethos of social enterprises and community organisations and adapting these principles to a pre-existing sector flooded with the same model. Creating a social impact model of a real estate agency started to take shape, and with the deepest and most sincere thanks to my mentors, I discovered leaving the industry might not be my path. Other than publicly listed real estate companies or community housing models, real estate agencies don’t reveal what their profits are each year.

Those who are successful should give back – and doing so from the hip pocket is what is needed to show the true measure of a company and the Directors. If the cameras aren’t there and no-one will find out about your donation in a publicity sense, would you still do it?

My Social Impact Model has been developed before I opened the doors in January 2019.  It isn’t an after-thought or annexure to the business and I will show my profit each year.  I will be guided by Diane Kargas Bray and Peter Gordon at Hands Across Canberra where to spend the 10% of my profits each year, and my clients will see where the money goes. My raison d’être is affordable housing – helping those facing homelessness. (Not housing affordability – see my Blog for the difference.) The United Nations has decreed that having a roof over your head is a basic human right. We all know the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots” is expanding.

This is only one sector; my sector.  I’m a small fish in a fantastic community pond.  My Investors Can Help project showed Canberra has a big heart. 

I do hope you will support my company.

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