Our Environmentally Conscious Policy


Our small contribution to the bigger climate change issue.

Australians are increasingly well-educated when it comes to recycling and having minimal impact on our environment.  Homeowners want to reduce their carbon footprint, and leave more than just money as a legacy. Global climate issues are important to everyone.  Today’s savvy homebuyers demand that their real estate purchase also be environmentally responsible.  Children in schools with recycling programs bring these ideas home to their parents. Excitement about renewable energy and worries about escalating utility bills are becoming normal topics of discussion around the dinner table.

Canberra is already unique – since 2003 properties advertised for sale here must include an Energy Efficiency Rating – other States/Territories are just starting to implement this. Perhaps unsurprisingly, CHRISTINE SHAW PROPERTIES is a rare real estate agency – to take this responsibility seriously by developing a strategic ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS POLICY framework for our staff and our clients to work with over the coming years.

We can all be better environmental citizens, and are confident starting the business on the right footing will assist in reducing our environmental footprint.  We trust our small contribution in this arena might help our valued clients to head in that direction as well.

Our Environmentally Conscious Policy consists of three components.

  • Firstly, we focus on environmental sustainability within our own company operations and how we operate day by day, year round.
  • Secondly, we provide a range of environmentally pro-active advice to our clients on the preparation of their home for sale.
  • Thirdly, each year we hold ourselves accountable by having an Environmental Audit of our procedures and policies.  We are not “green-washing” and will follow through on the improvement of this Policy every year.


As part of our strategic three year plan to comprehensively reduce our environmental footprint, we have already put in place the following measures:

  • We recommend hybrid cars or cars that have excellent petrol/kilometre ratio for all our staff. Not only is it great on saving us fuel costs, but it also gives our clients a chance to check out firsthand an environmentally-friendly car they may not have previously considered owning.
  • We have conducted monitoring exercises and new procedures around the use of water, lighting, heating, air conditioning and ventilation within our office. Heating and cooling bills account for an especially large proportion of company dollars, and we are reducing our energy bills through installation of more efficient equipment and more efficient use of existing equipment in each of these areas.
  • We have modified our purchasing and usage policies around paper and other office consumables, for example, through recycling papers at our photocopiers and reminding ourselves through e-mail stationery not to print unless really necessary, dramatically reducing our paper consumption. Other simple steps like turning monitors off when they are not in use are also helping us reduce our carbon footprint.


It is important to remember that our staff and agents are not experts in green efficiency advice – but we are eager and vocal advocates that can help point clients in the right direction.

In preparing our clients’ homes for sale, it is important that their environmental footprint doesn’t become a footprint the size of an elephant.  We also find our buyers want to know how they can be better environmental citizens after purchasing their new home.   We have prepared a number of factsheets to help all of our clients, and we trust that these may also be of use to others wanting to make a difference to the environment.

THE FUTURE: Our Environmentally Conscious Policy will continue to evolve as we receive more suggestions from our team.  Our clients are also assisting with suggestions all the time.  So feel free to drop us a line and let us know how we might improve our Environmentally Conscious Policy and associated client support materials, or give us your feedback on what you’ve already seen – we’d love to hear from you.

Acknowledgements for content: CHRISTINE SHAW PROPERTIES does not claim to be experts at all things environmentally conscious.  Instead, we research the internet and publications for tips on how to do things in a more environmentally conscious manner and pass this information to our clients. Agents in our company have tried these tips – and they work – so thank you to the many internet contributors at The Green Directory, government websites and other websites all contributing to a more environmentally conscious future.

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