Christine Shaw Properties is a prestige real estate agency operating in the Canberra region. Established in 2018, the agency exudes professional expertise through the 20 years combined experience of the Christine Shaw team.

To understand Christine Shaw Properties, you must first know Christine Shaw. Christine has been operating as a licenced agent in ACT & NSW for over 10 years. Her passion and commitment to delivering a high quality service and achieving premium prices for her clients is second-to-none.

Christine has a reputation of going over and beyond, and her motivation is unique. Not only is she invested in the relationships with her clients (who quite often become life-long friends), but she is motivated to make a difference. A very big difference, that is.

“I want to shake up the real estate industry and the way real estate companies operate. Imagine if every real estate company gave back 10% of their profit every year to a cause of their choice”

“At Christine Shaw Properties, we are committed to giving 10% of our profits every year to support affordable housing initiatives”

Buying, selling or renting with Christine Shaw Properties means you will be a part of the difference. You too will make an impact and support affordable housing initiatives.


To financially assist affordable housing initiatives to alleviate homelessness in our community.


To help others learn there can be a different way of doing business and grow this adaption of social enterprise through the real estate sector and other sectors.


Each person at our company has a personal cause or raisin d’être to give back. Our actions will stand the public scrutiny test and we operate “according to Hoyle”. New ideas and improvements are seen as opportunities and different opinions are encouraged and valued. Our reputation is not negotiable.

Social Enterprise Model

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