YWCA Active Bystander Training

YWCA Active Bystander Training

February 25, 2020

Our company is attending YWCA Canberra Active Bystander Training – it will help us deal face-to-face with clients on using bystander approaches to prevent violence against women. 

YWCA Canberra, with support of ACT Government, is inviting Canberra-based employers to participate in this free training. We would like to encourage our network to organise themselves and their staff to attend this training with Dr Tulika Saxena, a Gender & Domestic Violence Specialist. 

Please contact Tulika to book at:

Bystander approaches are positive ways people can intervene in violence, harassment or other anti-social behaviour they observe or know of, to prevent and reduce harm to others. They can help deter destructive workplace behaviours, including workplace bullying, and reduce the likelihood of a hostile work environment where sexual harassment takes place.

Michele and Gillian attend their session next week. Christine and Kate learnt so much today, and were shaken by the statistics. Last year 61 women died in 52 weeks in a DV situation. This year so far in only 8 weeks, 9 have died. The most disgusting situation faces all of us – it seems Hannah Clarke and her darling three angels won’t be the last. 

YWCA Canberra will also come to your work to run a session.  Thanks Frances Crimmins and time your amazing team . So horribly relevant. 

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