Great to work with Havelock Housing

Great to work with Havelock Housing

March 4, 2019

Christine Shaw Properties ensures that we do more than just sell homes. We work with organisations like Havelock Housing Association to help find new homes for your items when it comes time for owners to declutter, so others can be helped. Here is an email from Havelock:

“Thank you to the owners for thinking of us in relation to all the household items that were on offer at the 11 Mackenzie Street Hackett home. I ended up picking up four trailer and car loads of items from the property. Various furniture pieces went to external homes, particularly elderly. Most of the kitchen items, frames, perfumes, etc. went to the 101 clients at Havelock House.

A lot of our clients enter our properties with very minimal belongings and any items received or offered are always accepted with great appreciation no matter the age of the item. None of the items are taken for granted by our clients, I can assure you. Please pass on my personal gratitude to the fantastic owners one last time – they made a big difference to a lot of people.

Housing Support Officer
Havelock Housing”

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